Stolen Love

Stolen Love is my second novel, originally published in 1991.


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An heir to a viscount. A woman of modest means. Can passion ignite a love that society denies?

After his father left him in dire straits, Nicholas Villines has recovered the family fortunes and re-entered society. Everybody agrees that Nicholas and the beautiful, rich Amelia would make a perfect match. If that’s the case, why does Amelia’s cousin Elizabeth seem to always catch the eye of the viscount’s heir?

Elizabeth hopes to make a modest marriage with her modest means. As she rekindles a friendship with Nicholas Villines, she questions her future ambitions. Meanwhile, a mysterious and cunning individual by the name of The Mayfair Thief has become the talk of the town after stealing a fortune in jewels. And Elizabeth may just have guessed the man’s identity. . . .

Nicholas can’t stop thinking about Elizabeth and the beautiful woman she’s become. Can he accept his feelings for her before she marries his best friend?

Stolen Love is a Victorian romance novel with a hint of mystery. If you like compelling historical romance, comedy-of-manners plotting, and understated humor, then you’ll love Carolyn Jewel’s exceptionally-written tale of love.

Buy Stolen Love today to learn if love can steal a victory from society.

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