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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why aren’t all of Carolyn’s Books for sale on this site?

A: As of this writing (November 2017), three of my books are still published by traditional publishers. I do not have the right to sell those books here. I have also been in several anthologies with other authors, and the publishing arrangements for those books mean I would have to make agreements with the other authors to sell those books here, and then do some fancy accounting. I know my limits. This is not something I am currently equipped to do correctly or at all.

2. Where can I find out more about Carolyn?

A: At her website, Also on social media:
Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

3. What’s up with the My Immortals Series?

A: The first two books are still with Grand Central. Over at my website, I talk about my plan for the series and the two forthcoming books.

4. What’s up with the Reforming the Scoundrels series?

A: Not Wicked Enough (which you can buy here on this site!) recently reverted to me. I am hoping that Not Proper Enough will revert in 2018. At that point, I will add the third planned book, Not Sinful Enough, to my writing schedule, as well as a novella featuring Hester and the Duke of Camber. Berkley Books did offer me a contract for the third book but not at terms that made financial sense, so I declined.

5. What’s up with the prices?

A: I price my books to reflect the current market for the type of books they are. From time to time, I might put a book on sale or offer it for free for a period of time.

6. What about print?

A: Most of my books are also available in print. I do not own the means of producing print books and so rely on CreateSpace to produce the books. There will be some shipping time involved, particularly if you want a signed copy. Short stories that are not long enough to meet the minimum vendor requirements for page length are not available in print. They are available in print as a collection.